50 Years Of Magic – Mouse Handmade Bleached Shirts

50 Years Of Magic – Mouse Handmade Bleached Shirts


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Product Details
  • The paint flake effect will be generated at random; there will be no specific pattern.
  • Please note that the paint effect will not be identical to the mockup. The size of the bleached area in the center of the shirt is not fixed; it will correlate to the design’s size.
  • Please note that the bleached color of black and brown products will be yellow.
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • T-shirts are very common, and we have a lot of them in our closets. Do you wish to locate a t-shirt that is more original and eye-catching? So don’t miss out on our bleached tee. It will help you stand out from the crowd with its innovative bleached design
  • This t-shirt is appropriate for a number of occasions, including vacations, work, school, hiking, traveling, casual, street, shopping, and a variety of other activities.

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